Saturday, 2 June 2018

17 Tricks to Win in Politics

 Illustration by Zabou about Politics.
Everything has become political if it's a good or a bad thing, it's a subject for debate but as a game designer, I've started observing this modern phenomenon with the goals of extracting some potential knowledge that could be used to design new mechanics or gameplay around the experience of political debating.

This last year, I've been creating various online personas and "infiltrating" different political groups while provoking debates on social media in hopes to see if I could "play" the political sphere like a game. I accumulated a wealth of knowledge during the process but the following are easy to follow techniques that I have observed that make or break great politicians and debaters.

These tricks can also be used when playing games with no political dynamics like Poker, they are universal in their application but very dangerous when effective, so you have to be careful in what context you use them.

  • You fight bad ideas with better ones.
  • The goal while debating is not to convince your opposition but those that stand in the middle. True power is not at the extremes of the political spectrum but in the center.
  • Provoke your opponent to the point he his perceived by others as being irrational.
  • During a turmoil, people will always seek a strong but reasonable leader, be that person.
  • Before arguing ask questions.
  • When dealing with an emotional and unreasonable opponent, disarm them with kindness, destroy them with reason.
  • Let your opponent fail, especially when their believe their winning. Their confidence will blind them while their dig their own grave.
  • If you win then get prepared to lose. Politics is cyclic.
  • Always let your opponent talk, each word has the potential of being a weapon that can be used against them.
  • Fear is your ally. If they fight you then there are afraid of you. Provoke them until their fears drive them to irrational thoughts and actions. (Check Darth Maul's tone poem.)
  • Be interested in your opponent's political views, study them and master them. Then use that knowledge to break them apart into weapons.
  • ‎When your opponent has a new ideological weapon, mirror it. Invert their attacks so they reflect back on them. (Trump uses this tactic, just look how he took ownership of the concept of fake news from the left.)
  • Infiltrate your opponent's party and provoke chaos from within.
  • Politics can be a destructive process, accept it. (Don't worry about losing friends to gain allies.)
  • Pick your battles, don't let them choose you.
  • Let them see you bleed, show weakness because then you know where and when they will attack you. (Putin uses this tactic all the time.)
  • Politics is not about truth, it's about opinions, the strongest ones become law.

In resume, in politics, you should never try to destroy your enemy with frontal assaults but instead set up mental traps and maneuver them towards them and while they think they're running towards victory, you watch them destroy themselves.

Which is always the best way to win a war or a game!

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